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Parental involvement made easy

November 12, 2002

Albany - Getting involved in your child's schooling will soon be as easy as checking an e-mail or making a quick phone call. The Dougherty County School System is starting a new parent information system called HIP.

Starting next week, parents can call a phone number to find out about their child's homework, discipline problems, and other school happenings.

Studying the letter R is Tuesday's homework for kindergartners in Ms. Geer's class at Radium Springs Elementary."You wouldn't think kindergartners would fib about their homework or school troubles, but they do." said Shirley Geer."So, parents don't always know what's happening."

The new HIP program will allow parents to know the truth about the child's studies and other school work. HIP stands for Helping Involve Parents. The computer software allows teachers to send an e-mail or phone message to tell parents about homework, absences, academic or discipline problems.

"This will be so easy for parents and teachers to use," said Parent Facilitator Tonia Briley. Parents can call 1-866-4-HIP-KID or visit the website for information about the school day.

Brady Keys helped establish the system in Albany. "Some parents are intimidated by speaking face to face with teachers. This systems allows them to make a quick phone call and find out the information they need to now to keep their child progressing academically," said Keys.

Dougherty County schools hopes to prove that involved parents equals better test scores and learning for these students.

The HIP system is a pilot program paid for by the Georgia Technology Authority. Initially, 17 of 26 Dougherty County schools will use the system. The school system is trying to get a grant to continue the system in all schools for the next three years.

A training session for parents will be held November 18th at 6:30 at the Dougherty County Library.

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