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Airport manager asks Congress to ease deadlines

November 12, 2002

Albany -- The Albany airport director is joining 142 other airports managers, asking Congress to be more flexible in the security deadlines they have set.

Richard Howell has joined with a coalition of Airport Managers writing a letter to Congress. They are urging lawmakers to back off that December 31st baggage screening deadline.

 The airport managers want to extend the deadline, to develop more cost effective security plans.

Richard Howell said "The hassle factor elevates even in a small place like this. People are going to decide on a different mode of travel. We've got the greatest aviation system in the world. We just want to be able to use it, and use if effectively. While meeting the security measures that we have to meet."

Howell says that in the rush to meet the December 31st federal deadline, airports will have to use interim measures and machines to comply. The Airport Alliance asks Congress to give them more time to develop security plans tailored to each facility.

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