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Dougherty residents wake to rising flood water

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Residents in the Radial Subdivision woke up to a nightmare after a firefighter informed them rising flash flood waters. "I didn't expect this. It was a total surprise to me when someone comes to your door at that time of the morning. It was a total surprise," said Darryl West.

Water had risen from the Pine Wood Creek and into some of the homes off Parr, Countryside and Radial Avenues. "It's in my yard. It came up my drive way, but it didn't get in my home yet," said West.

Kenny Freeman wasn't so lucky. "Our sewage has come up through the sinks and out of the commodes. And it is all on the floor, and we had to shut the water off," said Freemen.

Firemen did rescue some residents who were trapped. "They brought a couple out in a boat. And in fact the fire department was sitting out around right there. So it hadn't quite got this far up," said West.

" It's a mess. The water stinks. It's awful. It's cold," said Freeman. County officials are monitoring the levels and say they don't expect them to get any higher. "If the sun stays like this for today and tomorrow. I think it will recede pretty well," said West.

But the fear is far from over. "If it rains again, and this water is still standing here; it might come to the inside," said Freemen.

"This is my life. It's everything I work for. I don't have anything else. Just my family," said Freemen. As they watch and wait, hoping for the best.

Public safety officials are asking residents who live near creeks to be vigilant. They recommend people use stakes to monitor whether water levels are rising. They will also use the code red alert systems to let people know if water levels get higher over night.


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