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Flash floods force Worth residents into shelter

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - More than 8 inches of rain fell in Sylvester Saturday and that triggered flash flooding. Nearly a dozen people were evacuated, some by boat, as water quickly rose.

Cones were placed in front of several intersections on North Henderson Street as water washed over roads there. Fences could barely be seen as several inches of rain turned homes in the area into islands. And the scene was repeated on other low lying roads along Livingston, Isabella and Pope streets.

Businesses were also effected. The owners of this barbershop and daycare spent the afternoon moving all of their computers and furniture of the ground as they watched water levels get higher and higher.

This is why public safety officials opened up a shelter and encouraged people in affected areas to use them. "It's not in our house yet. It will probably get in the living room, but not in any of the rooms," said evacuee, Jasmine Waters.

"We're trying to get sandbags to some of the people in the county and the city if they need them to try to help keep from flooding inside the houses," said EMA Director, Jason Brooks.

The Worth County Library is open as a shelter. If it becomes necessary, Worth County High will be used as a shelter, too.


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