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Decatur County sees damage from powerful winds

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

Decatur County, GA (WALB) - Strong winds destroyed one south Georgia home and damaged several others Friday morning in Decatur County.

The National Weather Service issued tornado warnings for Florida, Alabama, and here in Georgia just after 10am.

A tornado didn't touch ground in Georgia, but a down burst of damaging winds and heavy rain swept through Decatur and Seminole counties leaving many without power, and several people with a big mess.

No one was hurt, but several homes in Seminole and here in Decatur county sustained damage.

I'm standing in front of the mobile home that was completely destroyed in just minutes this morning when straight line winds whipped through the area. Fortunately, no one was home. And this is the worst of today's damage.

Antonio Jacobs considers himself blessed. "I was sleeping and I stared hearing these strong winds," he told us.

"Around 10:15am the national weather service put us under a tornado warning," said EMA Director & Fire Chief Charlie McCann.

"The next thing I know I see this big limb come through my roof. It scared me half to death," said Jacobs.

Two branches came crashing through Antonio's roof - one in his bedroom - the other in his bathroom. Leaving behind a leaky roof and a big mess. But if you take just a 30 second drive down Hanover road, you'll find a mobile home destroyed.

Roof - on the ground - windows shattered - front door lying almost flat - a total loss. Fortunately, the man living here, is out of town - a trip that likely saved his life.

And another ½ mile down the road - more damage. A Barn has significant damage down the road, an irrigation system was destroyed, we had a lot of trees on roadways.

All of west Bainbridge was in the dark for a good hour after the storm hit. And even the county fire department was running on a back up generator until about 3:00.

"We were lucky," said McCann. "We could have been like the folks out in Mississippi the other night, so thank god for that."

It's likely Decatur county and other parts of South Georgia could see more severe weather Saturday.

Emergency workers urge everyone to stay in tune with the weather this weekend, be prepared, and have a plan in case today repeats itself. We're told everyone is Decatur County has power at this time.


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