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Living through a tornado in a mobile home

November 11, 2002

WORTH CO. - When tornadoes strike they seem to have a prime target, mobile homes. Some crumble in the wind, some are tossed in the air.

That's a big concern for Shirley Hooks and her daughter Nicole on a day like today.

"We've got to stay here, we've got no way of leaving," Shirley Hooks said.

So the Worth County family prepares for what they've gone through before, though they've never been hit by a tornado, they've seen their share of severe weather and falling trees in the mobile home park.

"It landed right over here, it could've hit my house, now I'm waiting for this tree to fall," Hooks said.

What makes these homes so vulnerable to tornadoes is right here, the home simply sits on cinder blocks, and is not bolted down, the wind can get up under it and topple it over.

"It's not very good, not going to hold up," Hooks said.

The home is barely built to withstand 60 mile an hour winds. But for this family it's just like any other, a nice, affordable place to live. Except when it comes to tornadoes, when the last thing you want is for your home to become mobile without you moving it.

Some tips to protect your mobile home from ferocious winds, add some skirting to keep the wind from getting underneath and anchor it down to a concrete foundation.

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