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Georgia Auburn Blood Drive

November 11, 2002

Albany -- Georgia Bulldog and Auburn Tigers football fans will be able to show their school pride this week in Albany, while giving others in Southwest Georgia the "gift of life."

The second annual Georgia Auburn Blood Drive Challenge is going on at the Southwest Georgia Community Blood center. Fans of the two arch-rival football teams can come donate blood. They will keep score to see which team's supporters roll up their sleeves the most, to help those in need.

Georgia fan Dee Matthews said "You know it's a 100 year old rivalry or more. We want to do everything we can to beat Auburn in the game and in the blood drive. The Blood drive is really important to our community."

Auburn fan Luke Flatt said "Saturday the 16th we'll be temporary enemies. But in the meantime we can have a good time supporting the American Red Cross and it's all for a good cause."

Georgia's fans won the Blood Drive Challenge last year. 125 pints of blood in all was donated. The goal for this year's Georgia Auburn challenge is 200 pints.

To give for your favorite team, go to the Blood Center on Dawson Road before Friday at 3. Everyone who donates blood will receive a free T-Shirt.

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