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Voters say Republicans made better contact with Georgians

November 10, 2002

Lee County- The Ranew family says they are pleased with the results of the recent general election. With Republicans gaining control of the Senate, they say Georgians wanted a change.

Margaret Ranew says, "I think they're tired of the old ways and they want the truth. They want morals back." Danny Ranews says several issues like abortion may have played a major part in Republicans gaining control.

Danny Ranew adds, "I think most people are not for abortion, where the Democratic party seems to support abortion and I think that really hurt them."

Many people say the Republicans did more grass roots campaigning and made more contact with the people.

Martin Lewis of Kennesaw says, "I believe Democrats didn't go out and campaign and get support from the same people who supported them in 2000."

Margaret Ranew adds, "I think the Republicans really did go more out of their way, and Bush rally backed the Republicans up."

Representative Sanford Bishop says Democrats should have made more contact with voters in Georgia.

The Ranews say they hope political focus switches from party affiliation to what is good for all Americans.

Republicans have a 29-27 majority in the United States Senate.

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