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Commercial Refrigeration company needs more workers

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - HeatCraft Refrigeration is expanding their manufacturing plant in Tift County creating 350 new jobs with a $22 million investment.

They've already hired around 200 employees, and they are looking to add 150 more.

The sounds of pounding and drilling echo through out HeatCrafts new plant in Tifton. "As part of the expansion, we actually built a new facility just next door to this one, 320,000 square foot," said Human Resources Manager Mike McDaniel. 

There are several assembly lines where employees work to build refrigerator condensers and evaporators.

"If you ever reached into a cooler and got a gallon of milk, a vegetable, a meat product; we make products that keep those coolers cool," said McDaniel. "We employ everywhere from assembly workers to machine operators, welders, the full gamut."

And the noise is a welcome sound to the Tifton-Tift County chamber of commerce. "We were right at 300 jobs prior to this and since last July we have hired 200 plus people with more to come," said Brad Day, President of the Chamber of Commerce.

Tift County lost 700 jobs in the last five months. "Right now there are a lot of people who need work. There are a lot of people who are hungry. And our people appreciate opportunities that they have."

These people along with a competitive incentive package are the reasons why Tifton was chosen for the HeatCraft expansion.

"We make a complex product that requires a skilled work force. And in Tifton we have shown to have a quality workforce who can build a quality product, and build it on time. And that is what we do here at HeatCraft," said McDaniel.

"We were able to put together a competitive set of incentives. And having these resources are critical to have these kind of expansions," said Day.

The Chamber of Commerce understands the importance of their existing industries. "Eighty percent of your jobs come from existing industry. So you have to take care of your local companies," said Day.

And though they know these new jobs won't employ everyone in need of work, they continue to work hard to keep bringing these job opportunities to the area.

Anyone interested in applying for the new positions at HeatCraft can call 229-388-7800.

Heatcraft's holding a grand opening celebration April 2nd at 12:30.



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