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Red Cross sees increase in donations, and needs

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Since making a plea for help a month ago, the Southwest Georgia chapter of the American Red Cross has received more than $37,000 in donations, but the demand for their services is also up.

In the last month, the chapter helped several dozen people after nine home fires. As quickly as donations come in, they're sent back out the door to help families in need.

That's why executive director Mari Wright says their 11 county district can't forget the Red Cross.

"No they can't because fires don't stop burning and happening so the need for our service is ongoing and constant and it's almost April and I know what happens after April and May, the hurricane season starts," said Southwest Ga. Red Cross Director Mari Wright.  

Wright said the Red Cross has received donations from every county in the district including school groups like Lee County's FBLA Club and the Psychology Club at ASU.

She hopes the organization will also get a good turnout for their Swamp Gravy fundraiser set for June sixth at the Lee County Auditorium.


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