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Veterans reflect on war

November 9, 2002

Cordele- The Army Ground Forces Association reenacted World War 2 scenes, but for others the gunshots are triggering memories.

"I've shot a lot of this stuff before," admits veteran Ralph Robinson. "I went in the Navy when I was 15. That was in 1947. I thought I'd take that to the grave with me, but as time went on, I confessed to my real age," adds Elmer Alexander.

John Lassiter and Will Barnes are collectors, and they own most of the items in the reenacted camp.

Luther Oaks is an ex-prisoner of war, and says a lot of the equipment reminds him of the three years he was captured.

"I told the Lord that if he just let me get out of this place to go home to America, he could take me any time he got ready, and I haven't changed my mind yet," he says.

Oaks keeps in contact with other ex-P.O.W.'s through his Prisoner of War group.

With the country so close to going to war with Iraq, these men say they would fight again.

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