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How safe do you feel in Georgia?

By Len Kiese - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - When it comes to crime in the Peach state, a report finds that Georgia isn't too peachy.

The CQ Press looked at crimes like burglaries and murders when they compiled a report on crime state rankings. Georgia was near the bottom of the list as the the 39th safest state.

We took a look at Albany's latest crime statistics. When you compare January and February of this year to the same time frame in 2008, it appears that crime is down 26 percent.

Most crime categories like burglaries and aggravated assaults are down over that time period but robberies are up nearly 43-percent. Despite the up and down numbers, Albany native Erica Savage says she's thankful crime isn't as bad as other cities in the state.

"I feel safe in Albany," said Savage, "I think that there is crime in Albany but when you compare it to other cities the same size or a bit larger I think it's higher."

Last year Georgia ranked 32nd so it dropped seven places when it comes to safety. The report names New Hampshire the safest state and Nevada the most dangerous.


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