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Peanut Festival's future uncertain

November 8, 2002

WORTH CO.- For 39 years people from Worth County and all over Georgia have been coming to Sylvester for the Georgia Peanut festival. Now Worth County residents can't believe there might not be a 40 year celebration next year.

"My family's been involved with peanuts all our lives, it's a shame it may not be here anymore," Sonya McDonald said.

The 20 member festival committee voted unanimously to disband after some criticism in the Sylvester Local News. It appeared in the section called Worth Hearing. For several weeks after the festival, citizens filed complaints addressed to the Chamber, that they were running the festival into the ground, and someone else should take over. So the comittee, not affiliated with the chamber ,but led by its directors, took their advice to heart. The problem, so far the squawkers haven't come forward.

Worth County's former superintendent and comittee member knows how tough a decision giving up on next year's plan must have been.

"You love to be in it as long as you enjoy it and feel people appreciate what we're doing, promoting the community," Alan Kimbro said.

But the festival still could have life, as the Chamber reports they are getting many calls per day of people pledging support.

"It helps our community have people come from the outside, lot don't know much peanuts drive through and they stop," Jackie Young said.

Members of the disbanded comittee say they're pleased, that the potential end of the festival is getting a lot more attention than it did when it was here. The Georgia Peanut Festival brings an estimated $28,000 each year to Worth County.

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