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New Governor comes to South Georgia

^ Perdue accepts election victory ^ Perdue accepts election victory
^ Perdue campaigns in Valdosta ^ Perdue campaigns in Valdosta
^ Mark Taylor during happier times-- before the defections ^ Mark Taylor during happier times-- before the defections

November 8, 2002

Albany-- Governor-elect Sonny Perdue toured the state to thank the people who elected him. And his administration is already picking up steam.

As Perdue arrived in two Georgia cities, he was met by Democratic senators who announced they were coming over to the Republican party. 

It was obvious that Sonny Perdue's victory election made many Southwest Georgians happy. Perdue is the first Republican elected Governor in Georgia in more than 130 years.

Now he returned to Albany to thank supporters.  "The power of the ballot box won out Tuesday. Won out over power, over a lot of money. That's what America is all about," Perdue said.

On the heels of Sonny's Perdue's election, the Georgia Senate has now shifted power to Republicans, with three Democratic senators changing parties Friday.

That means Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor will be stripped of his power as senate president. Even so, Sonny Perdue says it's time for legislators to work together. "This is not for Republicans to gloat about. There is going to a governing coalition, and I extend may hand to anyone willing to work with us."

Perdue's wife Mary says Sonny has not changed with his stunning election victory.  "I'm glad the people of Georgia have recognized the good qualities I've seen in him for a long, long time."

Sonny Perdue said that Southwest Georgians will tire of his many visits, pledging to return often as Governor.  Perdue received 52 percent of the vote in a giant upset over incumbent Roy Barnes.

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