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Is Bowen goin'? To the GOP...

Dems practice damage control

^ Rooney Bowen TV ad ^ Rooney Bowen TV ad
^ Bowen presents a grant check in Worth County ^ Bowen presents a grant check in Worth County

November 8, 2002

Atlanta--The balance of power in state politics is shifting dramatically. In the first major fallout from Tuesday's elections, Republicans will take control of the state Senate.

At least two Georgia Senators jumped ship, leaving the Democratic party and joining the republicans. That means for the first time since the Civil War, Republicans have control of the Georgia Senate.

The latest Democratic defector could be Senator Rooney Bowen of Cordele. more to the community."

Switching to Republicans are Senators Dan Lee of LaGrange, and Don Cheeks of Augusta. This gives Republicans a 29-27 majority in the Senate. But Governor-Elect Sonny Perdue says he still wants to work with Democrats.

These party switches will have a profound effect on Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor's political power. As Lt. Gov., Taylor presides over the Senate, and votes when there is a tie. He also makes committee assignments and has power over the flow of legislation.

But now that Republicans are in control of the Senate, Taylor will likely lose all that power and become little more than a figurehead.

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