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Albany Fire Department makes a rare rescue

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Dougherty County, GA (WALB) -  It was a close call for a curious calf grazing along the pastures of Hancock Road. "It was basically one of those things that happens in the country," said Albany firefighter, Jason Ribolla.

Hidden among the brush was the hole where he made his five foot fall. "When we arrived on scene, we found a small calf about 100 pounds in a septic tank," said Lt. John Beamon.

The Albany fire department were called to the scene. And it didn't take long for them to figure out that the only way they were going to get the little guy out, was the same we he got there.

"We tied a rope around the calf, lifted him out of the septic tank and reunited him with his mother," said Beamon. Lucky for them it had been years since the septic tank had been in use. "It was an empty and dry septic tank," said Beamon. 

Unfortunately they weren't the only ones down there. "There were some snakes in the septic tank. There were three or four snakes, but he was stomping them real good so we left them alone and got him out," said Ribolla.

"We made something up at the scene. So we could get the calf out," said Beamon. Though firefighters aren't trained to save trapped animals; they were able to use their roping techniques to get him out.

"We figured if he could survive the fall in there, it wasn't going to hurt to get the rope tied around him," said Ribolla. And they were right.

"We were just happy to be able to help the owner of the calf out, and reunite the calf with his mother," said Beamon. Though the calf got out kicking and screaming, he lives to wreak havoc for his mother and owner for another day.

That calf involved in the incident isn't even a week old. Neither the calf nor any of the firemen involved in that rescue were hurt during the incident.


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