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South Georgians remember Holocaust victims

November 8, 2002

Valdosta - As Jeff Lind describes Hitler's gruesome acts to young students, he remembers the terrors of his ancestors.

"People don't realize the brutality they had to go through in the concentration camps," said Lind. "Thousands were beaten, shot, and starved to death each day."

More than 50 years have passed since the Holocaust, but the memories still have a profound impact on Lind's life.

"Nobody believes that someone could do this to another person," said Lind. "After they see this exhibit, many say that the torture they endured was just unreal."

Martin Roesch also visited the Holocaust exhibit this week, but with a different connection than Lind.

"My grandfather was in the German army and some even say he was given a decoration by Hitler himself," said Roesch.

The two men have different ancestors, but the memories mean the same.

"It still makes me upset to think that that many people lost their lives all because of a senseless leader," said Roesch.

And yet with two completely different ancestries, both Lind and Roesch share the same vision for the future - a world free of the hate and prejudice experienced by both their ancestors.

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