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FreedomWorks is calling for less government, and lower taxes

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An organization is calling for less government, and lower taxes.

FreedomWorks wants to take that message across the country.

Today, they held this year's Georgia kick-off meeting right here in Albany.

FreedomWorks is fighting for individual liberties they say they're all about giving the people greater control.

"Our organization we're against tax increases across the board and government regulation as well," said Allen Page, Southeast Regional Dir. FreedomWorks.

They also want to make sure government stays out of your wallet.

"Freedom works is a new organization that has really risen up from what we're seeing happen in Washington," said John W. Oxendine, Insurance and Fire Safety Commissioner.

For this meeting they invited state insurance and Fire Commissioner John Oxendine, who is also running for governor.

"Yes government is going to tax you and taxes are fine, but the people need to have a say in how government is taxing you and how government spends the money," said Oxendine.

He says his office is proof it can be done.

The insurance and safety fire commissioners' office has 20 percent fewer state employees today than it had 14 years ago and is doing more.

"The American people are in control and this is reminding government weather it's Washington, Atlanta, or right here and the local level," said Oxendine.

That's the message they are sending, that Freedom Works is to remind the government that the people can control how government operates.


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