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Where in the World is Pasaquan?

November 8th, 2002

This is where the past and the future come together in the present--at least that's the image creator Eddie Owens Martin wanted after having a vision prior to 1957. Since then Eddie's world went from a vision to tons of concrete and gallons of paint.

"This was his medicine, his calming effect that a lot of others experience and want to stay," says curator Rick Renn.

Eddie dubbed himself Saint EOM, his initials. Following a wild life of prostitution, drug dealing, and fortune telling in New York, he returned to his homeland to build his vision he named Pasaquan.

"A lot of these symbols he got from a story about a lost continent in which he thought he was the saint from. Other symbols some think are space ships."

For many visitors it is

"Sensory overload."

But those who knew St. EOM know of a deeper meaning.

"He really liked black people because they were so colorful and fun, and he thought white people were boring, which is thinking way ahead of his time, since he was born in 1908."

Inside it is room after room after room. Narrow halls and tricky turns lead to a performing stage, where Eddie expressed his music. Outside, he would dance in the sand pit, then observe from above for inspiring art designs.

"It is known around the world."

Eddie Owens Martin killed himself in April of 1986 right here, in a colorless room. But his colorful legend still lives on in Buena Vista. Pasaquan is now run by part of the Marion county historical society. Tours are by appointment only. You can call 229-649-9444 for more information.

Buena Vista is southeast of Columbus on Highway 137.

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