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Spring makes its official arrival

By Jay Polk - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - If you've looked at your calendar lately, you know that Spring officially began Friday, and brought some very nice weather.

We visited one of the local nurseries and talk to someone who's garden is about to grow.

The flowers are blossoming. People are outside enjoying the nice weather. For Portia Woodee that means only one thing... "Gardening. Gettin' in the yard," is her plan.

Portia has been planting her garden for a number of at least 30 years she tells us. "This year, I'm going to plant some red pomegranate. I'm gonna plant also an orange tree."

But with the occasional cold weather that we see, will citrus fruits grow here in South Georgia?

 "The Myer's lemon is that it is more cold tolerant. In the upper teens it tend to do really well," says Patrick Malcolm of Ty Ty Nursery.

And if oranges and lemons are not your thing, there are many other choices at your local nursery.

 "We've got dogwoods. We've got some pink and white dogwoods that have been really popular this year," says Malcolm.

For Portia, gardening is about being rewarded while watching something grow. She likes variety in her garden. "We try to plant something each year."

And gardening has an extra benefit for her and her husband. "I never buy vegetables in the store. I grow all my own."

So along with the satisfaction of watching your garden grow, you can also save some money on your food bill. 

And here in Downtown Albany, it's certainly been a nice day to plant a garden or do anything else that you want to do outside.

Spring officially started at 10:44 Friday morning.


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