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Chambliss comes home

Nov. 7, 2002

Albany - Congressman Saxby Chambliss says even he was suprised by his margin of victory over Senator Max Cleland this week. He credits his base of support in south Georgia for leading him to that win. Thursday night, many of those supporters got to congratulate Chambliss in person.

Chambliss made a triumphant return home, talking to supporters on the square in downtown Moultrie. He thanked them and President Bush whose support he says was vital to his victory. Chambliss said, "I have never ever seen him as excited about anything as he was our race Tuesday night. We were his number race. We were his personal race."

Early on in the Senate race, the four-term Congressman was a long shot. "Nobody gave us much of a chance 14 months ago," Chambliss said.

Chambliss was always convinced he had the right ideas and was convinced he would win once he raised enough money to spread his message. "We really had a surge at the right time, and that was what we wanted to do. That was our game plan, and it worked perfectly."

After a grueling campaign, Chambliss will vacation for a few days in Florida, but he'll be back in Washington Tuesday night preparing to take over his Senate seat. He said, "we're gonna already be working with some senators on some legislation on our homeland security bill. We've gotta get that moving. I want to see the president's tax cuts made permanent. We've got some tinkering with the education bill."

And the Senator-Elect made one more promise to the voters saying, "We're going to work harder tomorrow for you than we've ever worked before."

Chambliss says he's already been guaranteed a spot on the Senate Intelligence committee because of his anti-terrorism work in the House. He'll be the first freshman Republican ever appointed to that committee.


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