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Chambliss returns to South Georgia

November 7, 2002

Moultrie-- He’s there for the first time as Senator-elect. Some of his Southwest Georgia supporters gathered in downtown Moultrie to congratulate Chambliss on his election night victory.

"We’re excited to be back in Moultrie as the next senator from Georgia, and it’s these people that made it happen in 1994," Chambliss said. "They are the ones who were with us early on, and they’re great supporters, and of course they’re all my good friends, as you know, Ben being from Moultrie yourself, what a great crowd out here on Thursday afternoon, just to says ‘Hello and Thank you,’ is great for me. It’s an exciting time in our lives.”

South Georgia may have been the key to victory for Chambliss. “With out question that was the case. We knew we had to run well in South Georgia, and we felt like we would, and we did. South Georgia has been primarily Democratic. I’m a Republican congressman who now represents the most Democratic congressional district in Georgia. But I always get 60% of the vote, which means a lot of Democrats vote for me. They look at what I stand for, and that’s how they vote.”

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