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Saba may not be sued

November 7, 2002

ALBANY- A judge may soon throw out a lawsuit against Dougherty County Sheriff Jamil Saba.

Velma Robinson sued Sheriff Saba along with Dekalb County Judge Cynthia Becker after Robinson was banned from coming within a block of the courthouse during the Sidney Dorsey trial. Robinson's attorney argued that he fears the Sheriff could continue violating his clients civil rights, but opposing attorneys say it's just an attempt to keep the trial in Albany.

"That case is over, so Sheriff Saba has no business being in trial," County Attorney Spencer Lee said. "We made motion to dismiss him and feel comfortable judge will abide by that."

If Saba is dropped from the suit the trial would likely be moved to Dekalb County, where Judge Becker is based. Both sides have 20 days to present their cases in writing, then the Judge will make a decision about Sheriff Saba.

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