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High level pow-wow called after CC boss boots worker

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An autistic contract employee at the Civic Center has been banned from doing the job he loves over what some are now calling a miscommunication of the rules.

Lance Larsen could be considered the South Georgia Wildcats biggest fan. He also works as a contract employee for civic center events, setting up beverage stands managed by Bo Henry.

Backstage after Friday's Larry the Cable Guy's appearance, Civic Center manager John Mazzolla banned Larsen for asking the star for an autograph, but others were doing the same, as seen on a cell phone camera.

"The Wildcats had been advised on many occasions over some period that when we have professional performers and things of that nature, then in essence you stay away, so that the management of the Wildcats had that," said Assistant City Manager Wes Smith. "But I don't think that that was properly disseminated."

"We definitely want to follow the rules, and as long as we know, we'll definitely be in compliance," said Bo Henry who own the Harvest Moon and The Catch. "We're not down there to break any rules and do what we can and do it the right way."

The city, the Wildcats, and the Civic Center management are expected to meet Friday and come to a resolution in the case that will likely allow Larsen to continue working behind the scenes.


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