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Man murdered inside his home

November 7, 2002

Albany-- Relatives found 32-year-old Willie James Gipson beaten to death inside his home on Elva Street in Northeast Albany. They had not heard from him for a day, and went by the house to check on him.

One neighbor says Gipson had complained about someone breaking into his car and vandalizing his house. Thirty-two-year-old Willie James Gipson was known on the block only by a nickname--"Bad Boy."

"Strange, he must have had another life. I didn't know about because I don't know anyone who would want to hurt him," said neighbor Earnest Lawson. "I wouldn't say he was a bad boy, he was a pretty good dude."

Wednesday night, relatives found the man dead, and police suspect foul play. Next-door neighbor Earnest Lawson says on Tuesday night Gipson complained to him about someone stealing his car radio and tampering with a back porch light. "Day before yesterday we talked about someone screwing the light bulb out and a break-in his other car,” Lawson said. “They broke in his car and stole his radio, stole the face off the radio, we talked about that. Next day he was dead."

Later that same night, Lawson says his dog began acting very agitated, barking widely at something in the woods. But, Lawson says there were no other noises. "I didn't hear any noise, arguing, nothing like that."

Now, neighbors are just trying to figure out why anyone would want to harm this man. "One of the best neighbors I ever had, he was quiet, easy going person. This is really an upset. I'd never thought this would happen to him."

Police say Gipson was beaten with a blunt object, although they have not recovered the weapon. There are no suspects at this time.

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