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Bobs employees get lay-off notices

November 7, 2002

Albany-- 101 Bobs Candies employees are temporarily out of a job.

They'll be laid off November 15th because of a seasonal drop in business. Christmas candy cane orders are complete and are being shipped out right now, and sales are low in January and February.

Bob's executives say it's temporary and has nothing to do with Bob's shutdown in May. Human Resources Director Jimmy Lindsey says, "What happened in May was not normal, not routine, this is a normal thing that happens every year at the end of the busy season."

This is a seasonal lay-off, and has happened for the past five years. Last year, sixty people were laid off in early November, returning to work in late February. Human Resource Director Jimmy Lindsey says as soon as next year's orders begin to come in, the employee's will be invited back to work.

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