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Trick me once but not twice

By Len Kiese - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany man has a warning for others after he was nearly scammed twice in one day.

Willie Lawson thought it was his lucky day when he got two offers in the mail recently. One came from the Star Capital Disbursement Agency in Canada and claimed Lawson won a whopping $248,000.

All he had to do was cash a check they sent him for nearly $5,000, send them the money and the winnings would be his. Lawson deposited the check into his bank account but after some research online, he realized he was scammed.

"It's really easy to fall for this. I can do a lot with $248,000. I think a lot of us can do a lot with $248,000 and I thought it was legit," said Lawson, "an old adage that my Mom used to tell me is if it's too good to be true, it's probably not true."

Luckily Lawson's bank put the check on hold and it was never cashed. The second letter came from Nationwide Market Research along with a check for nearly $2,000 to be a mystery shopper.

Of course Lawson was supposed to cash the check, keep $200 and send them the rest. They promised he'd be paid up to $600 week to shop at stores like Home Depot and Walmart. He didn't fall for it.


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