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Mayor Adams on ways to fight truancy

By Kimberly Page - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Mayor Willie Adams is looking for ways to beef up truancy laws and deter teens from crime, but it might take help from state legislators. 

Adams says many of the teens who are out on the streets during school hours are getting into trouble.

Current law allows teens to drop out of school when they're 16-years-old.  Adams discussed with city commissioners Tuesday whether that age should be reconsidered.

"We can make sure that kids are not walking the street at 16. We also talked about whether we should tie anything else to it, whether or not the drivers license should be tied to the high school diploma. These are just some things we've been kicking around, trying to decide what will help us solve some of our crime problems," said Mayor Willie Adams, of Albany.

Last week, Sheriff Kevin Sproul deputized the Dougherty County school police force to help fight truancy and gang problems.  Those officers can now patrol the county looking for students skipping school.


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