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Drug Chief: Mexican drugs are here

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - We're a long way from Mexico, but drug agents are worried about Mexican drug cartel violence right here in Albany.

The interim Director of the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit says he's seeing an increase in drug cartel activity here. He says 90% of all drugs in our area come through the Mexican Cartel.

He says so far, there's been no violence from the group in our area, but the markings of the cartel are obvious and widespread.

The war on drugs in Albany isn't new, but it continues to grow. So does the presence of the Mexican drug cartel.

"We're starting to see a big increase in the number of actual local dealers who are actually tied to the Cartel directly," said ADDU Interim Commander Andy Exum. "In other words, getting larger supplies of drugs from the Cartel for cheaper prices."

So how do drug agents know where the drugs come from? Exum says that's easy to identify, because the Cartel marks each package they distribute.

"The Cartel is the major supplier for just about all the drugs in this area." Exum says they come into Atlanta from Mexico and trickle back down to Albany.

"Just about all types. Meth is being made in massive labs in Mexico. Just about all your cocaine comes through Mexico or through the gulf in that are and just about all their marijuana."

Fortunately, Exum hasn't seen any violence from the Cartel here in Albany, though he can't rule it out as a possibility.

"It's like with anything else, drugs is an increase in business, a lot of money is to be made and anytime there's money to be made they have to have people to get their money from dealers."

That arm of the Cartel is made up of enforcers. People who come into town and collect the drug money they are owed.

Commander Exum says while enforcers do move through Albany to collect, he isn't aware of any that have set up shop here. He says that's a good sign and a sign that Albany is doing what it can to keep out gang and more drug activity.


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