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'Tis the season to con

November 6, 2002

The holiday season marks an increase in crime. Just last week, a con man stole $4,000 from an elderly Albany woman. Authorities want to warn you, before you become the next victim.

Albany Investigators say con men and other criminals become more active during the holidays. They want you to be on your guard, and enjoy a safe season.

APD Lt. Kenn Singleton said, "One of the cases we seem to see a lot of is called the pigeon drop. Where an individual says they have found a large sum of money. They don't know what to do with it, and find a victim to run this scheme on."

Not only are the con men are busy during the holidays. Shoppers have to watch out for snatch and grab thefts or car break ins. Police also are warning the stores and merchants to be on the lookout for counterfeit money or checks.

APD Lt. Reginald Brown said, "People making up fictitious checks on computers and cashing them at different grocery and department stores."

With the long holiday shopping lines, counterfeiters target busy check out clerks. Police warn merchants to look out for phony checks and money that crooks will be trying to pass.

"A lot of times this crime is not reported," Singleton said. "When someone gets taken advantage of, they are too embarrassed to tell someone about it."

The Albany Police, FBI, and Secret Service will meet with Southwest Georgia bankers next week to show the latest trends in counterfeit checks and phony money.

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