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Federal Screeners begin work at Valdosta Airport

November 6, 2002

Valdosta - Federal Security Director Quinten Johnson promises new and improved security at the Valdosta Regional Airport.

"What you see at this airport today is the combination of months of hard work and dedication to improve the security of our transportation infrastructure," said Johnson.

Beginning Wednesday, federal screeners trained by the Transportation Security Administration have replaced normal airline security. Besides a slight difference in uniform, the federal screeners basically look the same as previous security, but their qualifications and training are much more intensive.

"The training was more in depth, we had a lot more x-ray and explosive detection lessons, and the on the job training was increased," said Jane Chanove, Federal Screener.

Jane Chanove was a routine baggage screener before recently completing the TSA federal training. With the change in job title, she says her qualifications are much stronger.

"I feel much more comfortable at what I'm looking for because of the skills I received in training, and also because the equipment is much more advanced than what we've had in the past," said Chanove.

Passengers say the federal screeners provide a new sense of security.

"After September 11, people were just afraid to fly and I think knowing that there's a federal agent doing the screening instead of a regular airport employee will make everyone feel a lot safer," said Jonathan Crittenden, passenger.

And that's a step towards fulfilling the airline industry' s number one mission - improving not only the quality, but also the efficiency of aviation security.

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