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Alcohol referendum faces another step

^ Mayor Tommy Coleman ^ Mayor Tommy Coleman

November 6, 2002

Albany - You'll soon by able to have a cocktail with your meal in Good Life City restaurants on Sundays. A referendum making the alcohol ordinance legal passed Tuesday, with 53% of voters saying "Yes."

As soon as the city commission approves a local ordinance, restaurants and hotels will have the green light for Sunday sales.

People on both sides of the bar at Albany's newest restaurant, Logan's Roadhouse, were glad to hear voters passed the Sunday alcohol Referendum. "This will be great for our business," said Bar Manager Bryson Moore. "Sundays are a big day for use because of NFL football. Now, those customers can have a beer with their meal."

Moore, who just moved from Ohio, was surprised to see that alcohol sales on Sunday were prohibited."I couldn't believe a town this size didn't already have Sunday alcohol sales. You can tell this is the Bible Belt," said Moore.

But, alcohol will remain on the shelf on Sundays for at least another month. That's because city commissioners must now approve an ordinance allowing restaurants, that generate 50% of their profits from food and hotels that make half of their income from room rentals, to sell alcohol by the drink on Sunday.

Mayor Tommy Coleman is optimistic that new businesses will locate to the Good Life City."I would imagine the city commissioners will pass this ordinance, going along with the voters," said Coleman.

This was a defeat for many members of the faith community who protested the referendum, saying the sale of alcohol on Sunday would taint the Christian Sabbath. But, Tuesday's outcome shows a majority of the voters didn't agree.

City commissioners are expected to vote on the issue November 26th. If passed, Sunday alcohol sales could start as early as December 1st.

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