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New voting machines earn good review

November 6th

Albany - Despite the delay in results, Dougherty County voting officials say Tuesday's election went smoothly. Albany avoided major problems with the new voting machines, unlike Terrell County where the new machines didn't work at several polling sites.

On Wednesday morning, the Board of Elections approved the final results. Election Supervisor Carolyn Hatcher says a high voter turn-out and the unfamiliarity with the new voting machines slowed the system. But, she says the system should run more smoothly the next time around. she also gives the first election day, using the electronic machines, a prefect 10.

"I think everything went better than expected. I want to thank the voters for being patient and the poll workers for their hard work," said Hatcher.

In Dougherty County, 56% of registered voters cast a ballot, exceeding the expectations of voting officials.

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