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Tippins cocaine cases aren't over yet

Ken Tippins, Sr. Ken Tippins, Sr.
Ken Tippins, Jr. Ken Tippins, Jr.

By Robin Jedlicka - bio | email

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) -A former linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons has been sentenced to four years in prison on drug charges. Ken Tippins, Sr. was arrested by Adel Police One year ago today.

Prosecutors say  Tippins sold drugs out of his home in Adel. He pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine.

Tippins, who played for the Atlanta Falcons and Dallas Cowboys, was charged with possessing and distributing marijuana, cocaine, and crack cocaine. Other charges were dropped when he pleaded guilty to cocaine possession.

Investigators conducted surveillance for over a month at the home on North Poplar Street, collecting evidence that Kenneth Tippins Sr. was distributing drugs.

 "He received a sentence of ten years, four to serve," said Charles Stines, Chief Assistant D.A. "His attorney, Mr. Converse Bright, who's an excellent attorney, has filed a motion to reconsider the sentence. This will be heard on the 15th of April."

After discovering drugs during a traffic stop, Corporal Chris Griffin was told the drugs came from Tippins' home. He began watching the house.

"While doing surveillance, I noticed several people coming and going like you normally would at a drug traffic house," Griffin said. "People not there to visit-- just to buy drugs. So, they'd be there and out within five minutes."

A search warrant led to the discovery of marijuana, and 27 grams of cocaine. Two cars were seized. Tippins' GMC Yukon was recently converted to a police vehicle.

Tippin's son, Ken Tippins Jr., who lived with his father, could face a similar sentence. He pleaded not guilty to drug distribution charges, though investigators say there is evidence against him.

"He was in the same household, and drugs were found--not just in one location, like Sr.'s bedroom. It was located in the living room, kitchen, attic, all throughout the house," Griffin said.

Though Tippins may have been a local hero, but police say he was just another drug dealer they were happy to take off the streets.

The next Cook County trials won't occur until August. Prosecutors think the case against Ken Tippins, Junior will be settled before then.


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