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10 Country: The right to vote

November 5, 2002

Thousands of people voted Tuesday, but there was a special one. One lady who believes strongly in the priviledge of selecting who runs our government.

If the founding fathers wanted a poster model to encourage people to vote, they would unanimously select Louise Ashton.

"I think that would be a very good honor, but I don't know why they'd choose me," she said.

At 96-years-young, she makes sure she exercises her right to vote every time she can. "I can't remember any that I've missed." and she hasn't missed one in 78 years.

She has voted with paper ballots and voting machines. "I've never seen this many people voting. This is wonderful."

But, she found something not so wonderful--all those negative campaign ads. "I got very tired of them. I thought there were too many negative ads. And, I refused to look at my TV many times."

It took about 30-minutes to reach the new voting machines. She came prepared-- a sample ballot already filled out, and it took her less than six-minutes to vote her conscience.

What did the veteran voter think of the new system? "I think it's very good and I think that it's hear to stay. I'm glad I lived long enough to vote and electronically."

And voting officials are glad her experience was a walk away success. Ms. Ashton credits a pamphlet about the new voting system in helping her to vote without any problems.

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