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Voting computers present problems

November 5, 2002

Terrell County-- Five voting precincts were shut down because the new voting machines were not working. It took about two hours for all precincts to be up and running again.

Voters walked up to voting precincts in Sasser, expecting to cast their vote, but they were turned away because the signs on the door said the poll was closed, and many Sasser voters say it was a major inconvenience.

"With starting up any new computerized voting system, you can expect these problems," Roger Brunder said.

"The other system worked for many years," said David Cox, "And this one, we can't, even get off the ground."

Sasser wasn't the only place with problem, other precincts that closed down were Bronwood, Graves, Harod-Dover and Dawson precincts.

Elections director Ann Jennings says voting places were closed because the ballots for County commission offices were sent to the wrong districts, and she says within hours, technicians were out to fix the problem.

The Secretary of State's office says Terrell County will not be able to extend voting hours. All voting places have to close at seven.

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