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Potential garbage mess cleared up

November 5, 2002

ALBANY - Albany homeowners won't have to worry about their garbage piling up for the next two months.

City commissioners voted Tuesday to extend Hall-ing Refuse's contract which expired on Halloween. But the city will have to pay $4 more per house for the additional two months at time. The garbage collection company says it costs more at a peak time, but most commissioners agreed they were getting a bad deal because they didn't have many other options.

Phil Roberson, Public Works Director said, "The cost is an issue but greater issue is seamless transition, we want to make sure solid waste and yard trimming picked up during that time."

City commissioners voted last week to change trash companies the first of next year to Onyx. Roberson says homeowners bills won't have to go up the next two months because the city is anticipating saving some money with Onyx next year.

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