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$4.99 Prescription Drug Program
This program only applies to certain generic drug medications which are outlined within our rewards program list. Prices and Rewards are subject to change without any advance notice at any given time and U Save It Pharmacy Inc. reserves the right to add or modify the rewards program at any given time. Reward Prices may be limited to certain generic drugs manufacturers and will not be substituted upon request. Prices for quanities other than those stated in our rewards program will be available at a prorated price. Prescribers permission must be obtained in order to switch the amount/days supply the prescription is written for. The rewards program is designed to help people with no insurance or with insufficient coverage and has no cash value. U Save It Pharmacy rewards program can not be used in conjuction with any State or Federal funded health care program such as Medicaid, Medicare, and/or Tricare. U Save It Pharmacy rewards program cannot be used as a secondary plan to insurances. If your copay is higher than the rewards plan then you may substitute the rewards plan in place of insurance.

Visit your local U-Save-it Pharmacist today for information on how to sign up for the program.
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