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We demand of ourselves that we provide excellent service to our clients, but we cannot be all things to all people. Therefore, our practice is restricted to those areas where our special training or expertise allows us to render the highest quality service at a price which our fellow citizens can afford.

The partners in our firm do not spend their days seeking out work which can be done by associates in a back room. The partners in our firm, assisted by our able paralegals, personally represent our clients.

We view litigation as a last resort. We seek to settle disputes rather than to inflame them, acknowledging that sometimes conflicts are unavoidable. We feel that many disputes can be resolved amicably by exploring creative alternatives to litigation.

We seek to represent our clients zealously and ethically. Telling a client if he or she is wrong or, in appropriate circumstances, telling a client that the cost of a proposed action exceeds the probable benefit is part of the duty of every lawyer.
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