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Do you think your property taxes are too high?

Would you like to have more control over how your tax dollars are spent?

If you think BETTER Government and LOWER Taxes are important, then you can help make a difference by joining the Dougherty County Tax Payers Association.
Become a Member!

Join with your neighbors in demanding BETTER government in Albany and Dougherty County!  Help lower your ad valorem tax AND make your community a better place to live.

We act on behalf of the community to combat government waste, mismanagement and corruption. 

Member Benefits:
  • Quarterly newsletter addressing issues affecting property taxes
  • Email updates on local events impacting property taxes
  • Property tax seminars offered annually
  • Educational resources for information about your legal rights and processes for appealing unfair property taxes
  • Organized citizens’ advocates vigilantly acting in your interests to:  
    • Prevent unnecessary or unfair increases in ad valorem taxes or tax rates
    • Ensure that the tax system in Albany and Dougherty County is administered fairly, uniformly and in compliance with the laws
    • Make certain your tax dollars are spent wisely
    • Prevent waste and mismanagement
    • Prevent poor decision-making from your local government

With an annual membership cost of $50, Dougherty County Taxpayers Association members are getting a great return on their money.  We also welcome donations to support our cause.

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Dougherty County Tax Payers Association
PO Box 50126
Albany, GA 31703-0126

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Remember, we get the government we deserve. JOIN NOW!
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