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Dad thinks son was murdered

October 5, 2007

Albany -- A developing story begins with the discovery of a Lee County teenager floating dead in the Flint River. Nineteen-year-old Justin Cox disappeared Wednesday.

Around 10 Thursday night, his body was found in the Flint River behind Turner Job Corps.

The mystery begins at the Turner Boat Landing between the Turner Job Corps and the Golf Course. Two Job Corps students made a startling discovery.

 Turner Job Corps Security Manager Bobby Johnson said "They saw what they thought was an object in the water, and upon further investigation a body surfaced.

The students saw a blue hooded jacket under the water, and poked it with a stick, and a body floated to the surface.

It was 19-year-old Justin Cox, missing since Wednesday. Cox worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken on Dawson Road. His mother says he didn't come home Wednesday night, and didn't show up for work Thursday.

Thursday night, his parents found his white Cadillac abandoned at the Albany Civic Center. Charles Cox said "We been up all night. I have not slept since Wednesday."

Charles Cox said Police have told him nothing, but he believes his son was murdered. "His body can't go up the lake, I mean the river. Ain't no way. I think they killed him right where they found the body. Who? I don't know."

Police say there was blood on Cox' nose, and what appeared to be bruises on both hands and knuckles. Investigators took Justin's home computer and are checking phone records to see if they can find any reason someone would kill him.

"How is he going to kill himself, and his car at the Civic Center? He ain't going to walk back to Turner Field Road and kill himself," Cox said.

His father said Justin Cox had dreams of becoming a police officer. Now Police are Investigating his mysterious death, referring to this only as a drowning. An autopsy will be done in Atlanta Monday.


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