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Surprising details in double murder, mail jailed the victim

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  Surprising new details tonight in a double fatal stabbing from last week.

The District Attorney now says the man responsible for the deaths acted in self-defense. A Dougherty County Grand Jury refused to indict Willie Frank Lowe also known as Willie Berry.

D.A. Greg Edwards says that's because Lowe was attacked by Jerro Toye and Joshua Walls. D.A. Greg Edwards says while the case against Lowe is closed, investigators continue to look for two people they think robbed Lowe. They believe Willie Lowe would have been shot, if the gun hadn't malfunctioned.

Investigators now say a drug deal turned into a robbery when Willie Lowe or Willie Berry refused to buy the marijuana Jerro Toye and Joshua Walls were selling. They believe four people attacked him as he walked through the alley behind AppleJax Sport Bar, he was never in the bar.

"The assailants including the two deceased persons Mr. Walls and Mr. Toye attacked Mr. Lowe. He was struck with a pistol about his head," said District Attorney Greg Edwards.

That's when Lowe threw about a hundred dollars he had on him at the suspects trying to cut the robbery short, when that didn't work he pulled out the kitchen knife and stabbed Toye and Walls, Edwards says in self defense.

"They were going to shoot him but because the magazine had been disengaged the gun did not operate, but they were definitely representing according to the information that they were going to they used the term they were going to 'burn him'," said Edwards.

Police recovered the money and small amount of marijuana, and the gun clip, but not the 380 automatic pistol. In addition to today's announcement city leaders met with police, code enforcement, and others about AppleJax's itself.

"We look at the property itself and the history of incidents on the property, obviously the history of incidents involving the existing owner will be very significant and of course the ordinances, the liquor license requirements both state and local will have to be looked into," said Albany Assistant City Manager Wes Smith.

They're looking at whether it's an isolated incident or something more.

"If there is something more than just a single incident than we would want to consider that and see if there is any action appropriate," said Smith.

Leaders say because of the severity of the incident, they want to make sure nothing like this happens again.

Edwards said they have the nickname of one of the people they're looking to questions and they're working to get the full name.

City officials didn't expect a decision out of Wednesday's meeting. The information will eventually be brought to the city commission for consideration.

Willie Lowe will be released to Randolph County where he's wanted for a probation violation.

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