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Tree smashes Dawson home

A Dawson woman got a scare when a tree came through the roof of the room she was in.

The Peelers just had Harper's Tree Service out to look at the 80 year old Black Walnut tree several weeks ago. Strong winds this afternoon brought the tree down, trapping the family's cars in the garage.

It also clipped the house and the room she was in. Everyone is okay.

Tree experts encourage you to check the trees in your yard, so this doesn't happen to you.

"Go look out in their yards and look at the disease, because that's where its weak at and that's what's going to make the tree fall on down," said Lee Harper of Harper's Tree Service.

Harper's Tree Service made quick work of the mess. The service had nearly a dozen calls shortly after the storm for downed trees and limbs all over south Georgia.

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