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Spring breakers come to Albany

Thousands of College students will be taking part in Habitat for Humanity's Collegiate Challenge. Every week students spend their spring break building and repairing homes.

For the next five weeks students from Boston, Florida and Virginia are volunteering here in Albany. The students pay to work. Now the school pays for a portion and they pay the rest.

It lasts about five weeks and they're expecting more than 300 students over that time period. Tiling, sawing and painting are not the typical ways to spend Spring Break. "It's early mornings, but it's really rewarding," said Florida State University student Chris Roberts. @

"The whole idea of doing nothing on spring break. It just seemed pointless," said Bridgewater students Kat Payne.  

"It's a big BC culture thing to go volunteer. And this is my fourth time coming, and I love it here," said Boston College student Ebram Megally. 

Chris Roberts, Kat Payne and Ebram Megally are seniors in college. They traveled thousands of miles just to build Homes for Habitat."What's most important is just leaving our hand print here in Albany, and represent our University in a positive light," said Roberts. 

"It seemed like a better use of my time than doing nothing for an entire week," said Payne. 

"We're painting the outside and tiling the floor over there,"said Megally. 

But does this week of service really help those in need? "Meet the families and you're going to get a whole different perspective on that," said Payne.  

"This is a great opportunity to learn about building, and ourselves, through service," said Roberts.  

"I think we recognize there is a need across the U.S. for volunteer work," said Megally.  

Believe it or not, spending a week for vacation in Albany, can be positive. "As long as you keep the mentality, you're doing it for God everything works out," said Roberts. 

"It's still kind of warm, and we get a tan. We're actually doing something productive," said Payne. 

"Everyone's so friendly here. I'm not used to that being from Boston," said Megally.

Over the course of five weeks students will complete two houses and fifty percent of another. More volunteers come from outside the community than those who actually live here. @

The local Habitat for Humanity estimates raising $25,000 -$30,000. Visit Habitat to learn more about the program.

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