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Lake Park Elementary is in high demand

Lake Park Elementary has only been a magnet school for three years. But their medical arts Academy is already in high demand.

Recently, a dozen parents spent the night outside the school, just to turn in the enrollment application.

The school has won several awards including Teacher of the year, and the I-care award for parent participation. But it's a zone school first and that means the number of magnet school spots depends on enrollment.

Parents were serious about turning applications in to Lake Park. "Our first parent showed up Thursday before school was over. By that night 20 people were in line," said Principal Catherine White. 

Some actually spent the night on the side walk to give their kids an opportunity to attend. "They want there children to be here and were willing to do that. They want to hopefully secure a spot," said White. 

Lake Park is a zone school first then magnet and only a few spots are available. "Grade level with the most spots would be 10. Some grade levels it would be 3," she said. 

And Kindergarten is really the most sought after grade level. "Because parents want kids to start at a school where they'll stay,"said White. 

One of the many unique programs at Lake Park Elementary is the Archery program. Plus they're the only school in Dougherty County offering Spanish to all students.

Having a high concentration of smart kids is the reason for their gifted clusters program. "Which means we have a high number of our school that is gifted. And a lot of my teachers are gifted certified," said White. @

Once applications are turned in. Students are given tests. "It's just a screening that we do. Because we do have academic requirements they have to meet," said White. 

Lake park is on the mark for producing well rounded students. No more applications are being accepted for Kindergarten at this time.

And for those students put on a waiting list, more spots could open up this fall.  To hear more about Lake Park Elementary call (229) 431-3370.

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