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Special Report: BEEP- You've been robbed

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Catherine Bosley

Cleveland, OH - (WOIO) - You like to think when your credit cards are stuffed away in your purse or wallet, they're safe! New technology is changing that very quickly!

If you hear a certain beep as someone walks by you or inches close enough to you it might be that you're getting robbed!

It's the credit card beep to beware of. Forget the swipe. Just a wave of the card and the purchase is made.

It's RFID--- radio frequency identification. For faster sales soon every credit card will have it.

Which means we all could be vulnerable to the electronic pick pocket in a blink. A hand held chip- reading device can steal all a victim's credit card information.

 Security expert Walt Augustinowicz of Identity Stronghold makes his living warning about the high tech thievery.

"An off the shelf reader-- it's something anyone can pick up on line," he says of the machine.

A crowded stadium or something you'd just be walking past, people they'd never know can scan their data and go home with hundreds of credit card's information on a laptop.

You can order the scanner on the internet It plugs it into a laptop, you download the free software and you'll be shocked at all it pulls with a simple wave. Hook up a battery and you're set to steal.

First some practice with office staff in our building "I mean it's incredible," said Christine Lapinski. "You think it's safe in your purse and you don't' have to worry about things like this."

Let's see what happens as we try it out in the mall. It's just a matter of holding the device closely enough to a person's purse or back pocket. We're not going to quite do it that way though.

As we carefully chose our prey we do let them know. "All I have to do is swipe this up against your purse and your credit card information goes right to my computer here."

"The thought of that is terrifying makes me want to put my hands in front of my purse," said Anna Marie Carlozzi.

We can get all her credit card information and it would go to my computer? Credit card companies seemingly reluctant to admit it could be so simple.

Our security expert with a line of protection products on his website starting with credit card sleeves

Be creative in where you keep the cards, because who'd have thought you had to be one step ahead of technology?