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Talecris wants your plasma

Talecris Plasma Resources has been collecting plasma since 1989. Once collected it's used to make life saving medication.

Donations have been down because of Tax season. The Manager says it's normal for donations to be low this time of year.

But as gas, milk, and everything else rises, so will donations.

Donating plasma is different than giving blood. "Red Cross does not require a physical exam. And our process takes a lot longer," said Manager Marcy Mcmullen.  

That procedure for your first time takes about two hours. "A new donor can expect to be in the center for two hours. The process is a little bit longer. And they have to go through an exam with our Registered Nurses,"

To even be eligible you must be 18 yrs old and weigh over 110lbs. You must have a permanent address."They have to present proof of their address. And we have an unsuitable address list that covers homeless shelters," said Mcmullen.  

So that means Talecris does not accept donations from the homeless. "We want to be sure donors are not of a transient nature. If a test results comes back positive; we must have a way to reach them," said Mcmullen.

The plasma is the liquid portion of the blood. It's the protein they're after. "We filter the plasma out of the blood. And the plasma goes to our clinic in Clayton. That's where the filtering takes place," said Mcmullen. 

The protein is used to make drugs for lung disease, low immune systems and blood clotting disorders. "We do draw blood according to a person's weight. So anyone who weights over 175lbs can expect to give the full 800 milliliters," Mcmullen.

Donating two hours of your time, not only helps others. But you get paid to do it. The proof of residence you'll need could be a light bill, lease, or anything showing your name and address.

A donor is allowed to donate twice a week48 hours between each donation. You'll get $20 on the first day and $40 on 2nd.

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