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Searchers work a year old murder case

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WILLACOOCHEE, GA (WALB) -  Searchers from across south Georgia looked for clues Tuesday in Atkinson County that may help them solve a year old murder case.

26-year old Rosie Courdle Gaskins was shot to death inside her car last March. Her killer is still on the run.

Searchers on horseback combed the woods, fields, and crime scene where Rosie Courdle Gaskins was found shot to death in her car March 7, 2010. Her heartbroken mother Mattie Courdle recalls the last time she saw her daughter.

"I remember kissing her on the forehead and saying I got to go to work and I said have fun mud bogging and see you tonight and I never got to see her again," said Mattie Courdle, Rosie's mom. "That was the last time I saw my baby alive."

The case remains unsolved, but the sheriff vows to not quit until the murder suspect is caught.

"Honey I got daughters too, and I can imagine, no I can't imagine what it would be like to lay down every night wondering 'is that killer having a good time today?' That son of a gun has got to go to jail for a long time," said Atkinson County Sheriff David Moore.

About 75 searchers across south Georgia were out Tuesday looking for clues that may lead to her killer.

They knocked on 500 doors, interviewed folks and talked to motorists on the highways to bring awareness to the case. Sheriff Moore says they're covering the two square mile town of Willacoochee like a blanket. That includes investigators, firefighters, emergency management agencies, state troopers and GBI agents.

"Eventually you're going to get caught," said Micke Jewell, Rosie's cousin. "Run, whatever you got to do, but we're coming for you... you better believe."

"She loved life and loved to live life and there's only one," said Courdle. "There's only one Rosie."

Investigators hope the information they got Tuesday will lead to a break in the case and land the killer in jail.

Investigators say they gathered several good leads Tuesday and now they're in the process of chasing them down.

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