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Prices at the pump are climbing, nothing to stop it

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -   The price of gas in Albany jumped 27 cents in one week, and drivers are frustrated.

Drivers tell us they worry the price will keep going up from the $3.35 a gallon many paid Tuesday.

The Department of Agriculture's Fuel and Measures Division checks the accuracy of stations, but there's no statutory regulation on the price of gasoline, so a station can raise and lower the price of gasoline as much as they want. Only when the Governor declares a state of emergency, can the price per gallon be regulated to prevent gouging.

"Oh my gosh they are ridiculously high these days," said Chantal Austin.

"You worry about it but there again what can you do about it. I think big oil companies are controlling everything in our nation to be honest with you," said Tom Lastinger.

The Governor's Office of Consumer Protection does look into complaints. You can find a link to their web site at

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