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IHOP pancakes are saving babies lives

Today is National Pancake Day at IHOP restaurants around the country. They're giving a FREE short stack of pancakes away in exchange for donations.

IHOP's goal is to raise $2.3 million dollars for the Children Miracle Network.  The local IHOP has raised $2,500 dollars for CMN.

That money is used to buy premature baby diapers, children hospital equipment and help mothers with high medical bills. So that short stack of pancakes is going a long way to help mothers with sick kids.

National Pancake day means a lot to Phaul Powell. "Never would I have ever thought that would happen to me. You have a baby and think it's going to be healthy. But she was sick from the beginning," said Powell. 

She's a server at IHOP. And about 5 years ago her daughter Brianna Hand was diagnosed with brain cancer. "She first went in at two months and didn't get out until six months later. But she was going back every other week for surgeries and chemo treatments," she said. 

March 17th 2006 is a day that changed her life forever. That's the day she had to say goodbye to her baby girl. "It was hard knowing that she wasn't going to be there anymore. It was very hard," said Powell. 

Difficult as it is, she's gotten over her lost by helping raise money for Children's Miracle Network. "It's helping children out there just like Brianna. It's helping them make it. So they won't have to worry about where the next dollar is coming from," she said. 

With the donation of $1 at IHOP, your name will be placed on a miracle balloon. 100 percent of proceeds benefit kids in this area. "I was out of work, and I know I would not have been able to pay for all the treatments. So Children's Miracle Network is important to me," she said.  

Nothing can bring her daughter back, but she's working to help as many babies as she can.. "It takes a lot to get through the day. I know she's not suffering anymore. She's just in a better place," she said.  

Before you scarf down those pancakes; remember Brianna Hand and donate. A voluntary donation of $5 or more is what they're asking for.  

Servers will take up the all money. And 100 percent of everything stays in this area to help kids who need it.

The hours for a free short stack are 7am through 10pm. 2011 marks the sixth year IHOP has celebrated National Pancake Day.

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